Getting A Jump On Your Summer Team Building Outing

Summer can be a great time of team building
Business people joining hands

The temperatures are rising and it’s time to start thinking about your summer team building outing. Before deciding on what you want to do determine plan out the outing and your goals for it.

A summer team building exercise is the perfect way to galvanize your employees and bring them together. Summer is ideal weather with less chance for rain than in other seasons. Don’t let the opportunity pass you bye.

Understand What You Want to Accomplish

Team building is more complex than just getting your employees together. You need to decide what the overall goal is going to be. Is it something you want to be just fun and a way to bring your employees together outside of the work environment or do you want a learning experience that teaches them to work together?

These are both valuable ways to build up and improve the morale of the team. They have fun in both scenarios, but in one they’re also learning valuable lessons.

Keep Everyone Involved

It’s possible depending on the size of your team or workforce that you company has developed cliques or has the occasional loner that doesn’t want to be involved with group activities.

If a team is to grow, then they all must work together. That means breaking up the cliques and getting the loners involved. If you break people into teams, make sure you keep the cliques apart.  

Inevitably, the cliques will attempt to group up throughout the day, so keep an eye on them.

Types of Team Building Activities

If you’re looking for activities designed to just get your people together, then a picnic at the office or an after work event is fine. If you’re looking to help them work together more, then something like a ropes course or one of the many other activities we have at Upward Enterprises.

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