Preparing Your Team For Winter

Break with winter doldrums with teambuildingThe days are getting shorter and soon the temperatures will drop below freezing, signaling the beginning of winter. Winter can be a tough time for a work team.

The days and nights are freezing. They’re stuck inside. When they go outside, they’re pelted by snow and harsh winds. It makes the office a not so fun environment.

Keep your team working and in good spirits with these tips.

Keep Snacks On Hand

When the weather is bad, the last thing people want to do is leave work to grab a bite to eat. If they didn’t make themselves a lunch, they’ll just skip it and stay inside. There’s nothing less conducive to work than being hangry.

Bring in snacks for people to take throughout the day. It keeps them from getting hungry and helps give them energy. You can be healthy and bring veggies and dips or go the tasty route with doughnuts or snack foods.

Winter Themed Events

There are a few big holidays during winter including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. A great way to break up monotony of winter is with a few fun events. You can do an office Christmas party with secret Santas or have a Thanksgiving dinner.

You can have a winter-themed game time and many more fun and team building activities. The goal is to not only maintain morale, but bring the team together. Winter can be a time of frustration and cabin fever. Games and events help teams break out of that and spend time together.

Lead By Example

Winter can bring everyone down, but one upbeat attitude can have a big impact. You should lead by example. There’s few things that can bring a team down than an angry team leader. Their attitude can sour everyone else’s.

Keep the mood light and atmosphere positive and the winter days will fly by. Soon, the rays of the spring sun will thaw everything out and the world…and your team…is ready for growth.

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