Team Building

Team helping someone up an obsticale.

Designed to Grow Teams

Our Team Building programs are designed to meet the needs and requirements of your team. We can create a program that specifically targets certain goals such as improving communication, problem solving, trust, leadership, conflict resolution and working together as a team. Through careful facilitation and processing the lessons learned during one of our Team Building programs can be related back to the work situation.

Our team building program is second to none and incorporates problem solving activities, creates camaraderie, builds self-esteem? and teamwork, and encourages group activities. Your group needs to run like a fine oiled machine and that can only happen if everyone on the team trusts everyone and has each other’s best interest in mind. Groups learn through fun team building activities and fun group games. It’s ideal for large groups and businesses wishing to connect with employees and small groups and businesses looking to develop a strong bond.

We have the tools and vehicles for experience-based training and team building development that empowers the individual, team, and work environment. We also specialize in leadership training for businesses that can bring your executives to the next level. When you come to Upward Enterprises for your team building needs, you get professionals with a excellent track record.

We use proven methods of facilitation and training, and excel in creating a customized team building program aligned with your goals. We specialize in creating a challenging environment where hard work and teamwork pay off. Groups see positive results almost immediately and take those lessons back to the classroom, sports field, office or boardroom.

Ropes Course in Maryland

High Challenges

The high course at our Buckeystown location is filled with an array of activities ideally suited to team building. Getting people away from their day to day distractions and providing a level playing field is the first step in building a team. While working through the challenges of the high activities individuals get to realize strengths and perceived weaknesses of themselves and the team, and be able to work through situations.

Portable Team Building

Our ropes course is famous and many groups want to experience it first hand, but are limited to having the event at their facility. Upward Enterprises has many portable team building activities and challenges that we can bring right to you. We set everything up and create an experience that teaches problems solving and communication and is designed to boost confidence and create bonds.? Our portable climbing wall is not only great fun, but provides important lessons and skills. It all comes straight to you.

If you can't come to us we will come to you.
Indoor initiatives

Indoor Team Building

Team building indoors in a conference room can take many different looks - from table top to on the floor. We have activities that will challenge most groups' intellect whilst working on communication, goal setting and group dynamics. These programs are great during the winter months when we can't get outside.

Conference Room Style Events

Team Building can take place in any environment - conference room, hotel, gym, church, etc.
This is an example of our indoor sessions leading a corporate group through one of our team building games.

Indoor conference Pic
Flying through the air

Leap of Faith

This is one of our favorite activities. The hardest part is the last step up! From the top you can check out the amazing view and gather yourself before making the ‘leap’. When you are ready, reach for the trapeze bar that hangs just a few feet away!

Leap of Faith and Beyond

There's a challenge for everyone. You just need to find your boundaries and push beyond. This is only possible by an athlete with a supportive team that you trust underneath.

Don't try this at home