What hours are you open?

We are open seven days a week from sun rise to sunset, by appointment.

What is the age restriction for taking part in the activities?

We recommend eight years old to be the minimum age to take part in activities on the ropes course,. We've had an eighty year old out there, so really there is no maximum age limit!

Is there a weight restriction?

There is no weight restriction but we must be able to safely secure harnesses onto every participant before they take part in any of the high activities.

I'm scared of heights, will I be made to do something I don't want to?

Our philosophy is 'Challenge by Choice' and so we would never force anyone to do anything that they did not feel comfortable doing. Our facilitators are trained to be able to help you reach your goals, not theirs.

Why do I need to complete the medical waiver?

We ask all of our customers to complete the medical waiver so that the staff is made aware of any medical restrictions that you have. This information is kept confidential between you and your facilitator, and helps to ensure that the facilitator knows any limitations or possible issues. It is also a legal requirement set by our insurers.

How much does it cost to come out to the ropes course?

Pricing is between $35- $125 per person, per day and is dependent on what kind of event you schedule. We normally cater to groups and offer three and six hour programs on the ropes course. Pricing for larger groups, or for events including lodging, meals, additional activities, etc. can be added to your event and priced accordingly. Our four hour birthday party is $595 for up to 15 people.

Is the ropes course safe?

Yes, our course is built to and our staff trained to meet Industry standards. We take great pride in maintaining these standards.

What to bring?

To ensure that everyone has the best day possible out on the course, the list below is designed to make sure that all participants come equipped with the right gear.

  • Two water bottles
  • Bug spray and sunscreen
  • Snacks and lunch food
  • Clothing appropriate to the weather
  • A small day pack to keep your gear in
  • Clothes you don't mind getting muddy or wet
  • Your enthusiasm!!
  • In the wintertime, be sure to bring a warm hat, gloves and the proper footwear. Dress in layers so that if you get too hot, you can peel off a layer! You may also want to bring a change of clothes and shoes to change into after the event.
  • No flip flops or open toe footwear

If you have any questions that are not listed above, please feel free to contact us on 301-834-6140 or by email.

Medical Waiver Download