Relax and Do Some Team Bonding With Walking Meetings

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Have you ever been at work, looked outside the window at the beautiful day and wish you could just spend the day outside. Grab your laptop and work the day away feeling the cool wind on your face and listening to the birds sing.

It’s a dream shared by many people and in today’s environment, but the idea of an outdoor meeting is actually a great idea for team bonding.

What is a Walking Meeting?

People spend hours a day sitting in their cubicles with stiff legs and numb posteriors. They get almost no exercise and that’s not good for work productivity or work morale. They often also have to sit through multiple meetings throughout the day, so why not make it a walking meeting.

If it’s a nice day, grab your group and head outside and walk around the complex for an hour or so. Walking meetings not only provide important exercise and a chance to get out of the office but also help with creativity and brainstorming.

Companies throughout the world are using this technique to improve their employees’ health and the bottom line. Happy and healthy employees are happy employees.

Benefits of a Walking Meeting

Everyone is concerned about exercise and keeping up with their daily steps, but it’s hard to do that at the office. So, they end up taking precious free time to go to the gym for 30 minutes on a treadmill.

Walking meetings let them get their steps in during the workday. Walking can increase energy levels, helps with oxygen flow and open up avenues of creativity.

Major corporations like Apple and Facebook have long used the concept of a walking meeting in their business plan. Those companies have done pretty well for themselves, so maybe you should give it a try.

Walking Meeting Essentials

Given standard business attire may be restrictive for walking meetings; you might want to tell your employees ahead of time that it’s going to be outside. Have them dress in a business casual outfit with comfortable shoes. High heels are not recommended for walking meetings.

Phones and other electronics are a no-no for a walking meeting. The goal is to have a fun, but productive meeting, so no one should be checking emails or other programs while you’re all on walkabout.

Instead, get back to basics like a pen and paper to write down notes.

Exercise is great for Team Building

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