Corporate Programs

Designed to Grow Teams

For a business or organization to be successful, its employees must be invested not only in the company but also in their fellow team members. Specialized corporate programs at UEI are very popular because they address current issues in culture development, management techniques and workforce productivity. Each of these options can be altered to include relevant industry examples or specific language as a part of the day’s curriculum.  Using a proper sequence of initiatives, our highly trained staff will help the group to process individual and group tendencies as they change throughout the day.

Our team activities can enhance interactions between all departments by strengthening connections and creating bonds that benefit the entire organization. We create a program that encourages communication and problem solving skills and lets your group work together to overcome challenges. The events are meant to be challenging, but also fun. Build trust and motivate your employees to do their best.

Corporate Portable Programs

If you can’t make it to Upward Enterprises then we can come to you. Our portable program is an ideal solution if your team can not make it to out to the challenge course. The portable program can travel to a location of your choice, indoor or outdoor.

Upward Enterprises has so many programs and challenges available that you have to experience it to believe it. We have something for every budget, so call us now and begin your adventure.

- Team Building Packages -

  • Low and High challenge course at our Buckeystown facility.
  • Desktop team building at your facility.
  • Our portable team building program can travel to your facility.
  • We can aide in Organizational Development.
  • Provide professional conference and dining facilities at our Buckeystown location.
Corporate retreats

Challenge Course

For Corporate team building the high and low course is a perfect vehicle to facilitate communication, team work, trust and problem solving. Getting your team away from the distractions in the office and coming out to the course is the first step to investing in your team. The challenge course is an ideal ‘leveler’ where everyone is the same, and take turn in leading the group through various activities.

Additional Corporate Program Options

  • ADAPTIVE LEADERSHIP - Adaptive Leadership is a relatively new philosophy that helps individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in challenging environments. It teaches people how to take on the meaningful process of change regardless of job description responsibilities.  What makes this philosophy so effective is the opportunity for any person, regardless of title or position, to make a difference. The ropes course at UEI is perfectly suited to train co executives on the basic concepts of the Adaptive Leadership process through a parallel process of adaptive learning. When corporations have problems or situations with no known solutions, they have an adaptive challenge. The facilitators at UEI will use initiatives to create experiential scenarios for the group to solve which reflect real life patterns of decision making.  We have done this with amazing results for both low and high profile clients.


  • COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN- One of the most popular requests we get is to increase corporate or agency communication. While most people agree that basic communication has variables i.e.  Sending, receiving, feedback, encoding, decoding, environment, etc, the art of effective communication is challenging.  In a world where sending messages now has many forms, how you do know the intent of your meaning is being understood?  Now think about the cost of poor communication or misunderstandings in terms of productivity. Let UEI help resolve some of these issues by taking you through a program designed to specifically address common communication barriers.


  • ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT- Are you experiencing turnover in key positions or departments? Has there been a change in leadership or mission? Understanding the science behind building capacity and achieving greater effectiveness by developing, improving, altering structures or process is fundamental to operational success.  Our challenge by choice program will help you understand how to maximize your resources as a means to improve your overall productivity. We will break down the components of effective problem solving by using a combination of simple and complex initiatives to reflect real life challenges.
No one is left behind

Indoor Team Building

Our indoor program can go any where that has enough space to hold the size of your group. These programs can be physically adapted to suit your group or more of the table top activities that will test you intellect and ability to share your knowledge with your team.

Our indoor program can go any where that has enough space to hold the size of your group. These programs can be physically adapted to suit your group or more of the table top activities that will test you intellect and ability to share your knowledge with your team.
The Claggett Center not only are our "Host" but also partners for accommodation and dining. They also offer conference room facilities with A/V as well as break out rooms. This services can be booked directly with the center or through us.

Accommodation and Dining

The Claggett Center is our partner for accommodation and dining if required. They offer fully equipped conference and break out rooms.