How To Create A Personal Work Environment

Technology has made is easy for us to communicate with people across the globe as easily as if they’re standing next to us. This same technology and the strains of the workplace have made it difficult to know your cubemates and forget about people in other departments.

Work places, especially corporate offices, developed into dispassionate places, but today’s workforce once again craves the closeness of personal relationships. Cultivate a personal and friendly workplace and you’ll get workers that care for the company and its success.

Support for Everyone

It begins with supporting them and their goals. If they want to continue their education, then provide them flexible work schedules to allow for class time or provide tuition reimbursement. Conferences and seminars are a great way to learn more about their jobs and to socialize with others in the field. It also gives them some time out of the office.

Support comes in many forms. Work is a stressful place and many people suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental issues. Give them access to counseling and other services to put them in the right mind space.

Give Them What They Need

Every company is worried about money, but the old adage goes you have to spend money to make money.  Your employees are an investment and they deserve the right tools to do their job quickly and correctly.

Too many companies provide substandard equipment, which leads to employee discontent. If it takes them twice as long to get something done, they’re not going to be as productive as they can. Productivity equals profit and contentment.

This doesn’t mean the need nap pods and a coffee nook, but up-to-date computer systems and techniques to help streamline are a necessity.

Reward Your Team

Your team is the backbone of your company and they deserve the occasional award. When they get past an important milestone, reward them with something like a party or even financial bonus. Throughout their projects, give them small rewards to let them know you notice their progress. Sometimes give them a reward just because you can. It can be morning doughnuts or gourmet coffee in the pot. Every reward doesn’t have to be major, but making an employee feel like a person and not just cog in a wheel means a lot to them.

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