Don’t Just Celebrate The Big Wins – A Maryland Team Building Journey

reward your team for small success along the wayYour team is strongest part of your company or division. They’re the heart and soul and without proper motivation, productivity can suffer. Many companies are happy to celebrate the big wins with parties or other events, but for your team it’s not just about the big wins. It’s about the many small wins along the way and without them, there would be no big win.

Why Big Wins Aren’t The Most Important

Every sport movie usually ends the same way. Through the entire movie, the underdog team has been beaten down, but worked hard and ended up tied in the final moments of the big game. It all comes down to a field goal, free throw shot or from the parking lot Hail Mary to win the big game. The tension builds and just when you think it’s all over for our intrepid team of misfits, they score and win the game. The crowd goes wild. People are perched up on shoulders and the coach just sits on the sideline smiling, proud of his team.

Inspiring, isn’t it? What about the countless hours of practice that went into improving their skills to reach that level? What about the sacrifices the coach and the team made to get that big win. The big win is the culmination of efforts going on for weeks or months.  The win isn’t as important as what they did to get there.

Reward the Everyday Successes

Having a big party or reward at the end of a project is great, but what about for the months leading up to it. You might find motivation and morale start to dwindle as the trudge on day after day and that big reward seems so far away.

Why not reward the everyday successes and help keep the motivated. The great thing about this is they rewards don’t have to be extravagant. Bringing a box of donuts on someone birthday or treating them to lunch for reaching a milestone are great ways to motivate your team without breaking the bank. They’ll appreciate that you’re acknowledging their work and you get a team that stays on track.

Develop a Midway Reward

Reaching the half way point of any project is a big achievement. It deserves something special even if it’s not the end. The half way needs something special that helps Maryland team building. A day at Upward Enterprises is the perfect way to help develop your team into an even stronger unit to tackle the second half of that project.

We have team building games, ziplines, rockwalls and ropes courses all designed to being your team together in a fun atmosphere. They’ll be ready to take on the world by the end of the day.

If you’re interested in our team building exercises, then contact us today and let us take your team to the next level.