Team Building Ideas For The Summer

Office teambuilding in MarylandThe summer company picnic has been a popular corporate activity for decades, but tightening budgets have caused many businesses to eliminate it. People would come and spend the afternoon playing and having fun, but there wasn?t much structured teambuilding. One of the best ways to build your workforce together is by getting them speaking. Some companies like to hire an Escape Room in Plano, or somewhere more local to them, to get their employees working in a team to try and escape a room they’ve been locked in. This will ensure they have to speak because it’s difficult to get out of an escape room on your own, meaning they will have to communicate the whole time. However, for businesses with a smaller budget, instead of reviving this cost prohibitive measure, why not try some of these new ideas that bring people together and won?t break the bank.

Movie Night

There?s no need to rent a large venue or have an event catered to enjoy a great summer teambuilding activity. Grab a computer with Chromecast and have a movie marathon in your conference room. You can pop popcorn or have people bring their favorite movie food.

You can create a theme night and watch a whole series of movies like Star Wars, Harry Potter and Batman or you can see what each person?s favorite movies are and watch them. Have each person tell why that movie is their favorite.

Game Night at the Office

Board games have been a staple of family entertainment for decades, so take that and bring it into the office. Choose a game like Monopoly, Life or other popular games and have a tournament. You can have people bring their own favorite games and let everyone play them. Fun competition is a fun way to bring people together. It?s different than the competition in the office.

If you want to offer prizes for the winner, then skip the gift certificates or expensive prizes and offer time off. If you offer people a half-day or a work from home day for winning, they?ll appreciate it far more than any gift certificate.

Food Day

People love to eat, especially if they don?t have to pay for it. I?m not saying have a few catered lunches through the summer, but why not a pot luck. You can encourage everyone to bring their favorite food or dessert or set up a theme day. Have people bring their favorite pizzas, tacos sides or create chili dogs. The smorgasbord experience is fun and people can just sit and talk. After the main lunch time, people can always go back and get more throughout the day.

A food day doesn?t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you go potluck, the food is paid for and the office just has to provide plates, silverware and drinks.

If you want to learn more about our team building activities here at Upward Enterprises, then feel free to contact us. Our ropes course and corporate retreats are the envy of the area.