No Limitations

As a former Royal Air Force military personnel I feel a sense of pride when I read the story about a group of former service members who are also amputees crossing the Atlantic in a row boat. The Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge is a 3,000 mileatlantic-row-crew rowing challenge.  The route is from San Sebastian in La Gomera, Spain to Nelson’s Dockyard English Harbor, Antigua.  This took incredible strength of mind and body. In everyday tasks  the simplest jobs for amputees can be challenging. This group only had 3 good legs between 4 men. Their journey is a great example of the ultimate team building to another level. To be able to accomplish this feat it was critical that they work as a team.

You can find inspiration from this story. I’d like some of the people that go up the pamper pole at our ropes course who say that it’s too hard to accomplish, look to  this group as inspiration. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to be able to reach beyond your comfort zone and try something new. There are no limitations to participate in a team activity at our ropes course.  Nothing stopped these men  even with their limitations from accomplishing their goal and nothing should stop you. You are never too old, too heavy, on two legs or in a wheelchair to participate on the ropes course. The only limitations holding anyone back is found in your own head.