Team Building Outside the Office

In most all business across the country, be white collar or blue collar, the push has been increasing worker productivity. Companies downsize and work intensifies for those still working there. And employers, focused on competition, might ignore the well-being of their employees. How much more can workers give before burnout will become overwhelming? Burnout can set in. Workers will disconnect from the group. Sick days will be used. As a manager, these should be warning signs that your biggest asset, your workers, are needing a break.

Maybe its time for an employee mental health day outside the workplace.

When a corporate group comes to Upward Enterprises for team building I always suggest they get away from the office and come to the ropes challenge course. Indoor table top team building has its benefits too but just getting away to a different environment changes perspectives, de-stresses employees and lets the group open up to connecting and trusting one another again. Strong teams are not built just at work alone. Take the trust building exercise “Leap of Faith” we do on the course. In the 20 years I have been teaching team building, I have found this activity to be the most empowering in opening the group up to think as a team again.