Frederick Maryland

Leap of Faith

By Upward Enterprises / October 27, 2015 /

Alan Eustace made his “leap of faith” from the stratosphere 135,000 miles to earth. While we don’t jump that far on the ropes course, you can take your own personal “leap of faith” at our ropes course.

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Ice Climbing at Cunningham Falls State Park with Mark Hardie

By Upward Enterprises / March 24, 2015 /

Recently, Mark Hardie, the former owner of Upward Enterprises was recently featured by the Frederick News Post while ice climbing in Cunningham Falls State Park. Mark was the original founder of Upward Enterprises before selling the business to Clive Felgate. He is a great mentor and friend to UEI. Mark now owns Daybreak Excursions. If you…

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Crossing the Amazon

By Upward Enterprises / September 30, 2014 /

Group navigating the Amazon at Upward Enterprises Team Building Have you been out to our ropes course in Buckeystown, MD recently? If your group has been out there working on your Maryland team building, you might have tried our new “Amazon” activity that Travis built over the Spring. The object of this activity is for the…

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Meet Our Facilitator Travis

By Upward Enterprises / August 6, 2013 /

If you have come out to our team building ropes course this year, you might have met one of our newest members of the Upward Enterprises team, Travis Creamer.  Travis Creamer at Upward Enterprises Ropes Course Using his degree in Physical Education from Ohio University, Travis has worked in the outdoor recreation field for…

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Never be Afraid to try Something New at the Ropes Course

By Upward Enterprises / April 23, 2013 /

What an inspirational story of a man who was born without legs and arms. Yet despite this, nothing stops him from living life to the fullest. Take a page from his book next time you are at our ropes course in Buckeystown Maryland and you feel the butterflies in your stomach. Don’t be scared. Just…

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