Sports Teams can Benefit from Team Building

On Saturday, March 5th we had our first big group of the season out on the course and we were happy to welcome back the rugby team from Arch Bishop Spalding Catholic School to the course.  The boys ranged from 14-18 years old and were all up for the various challenges ahead of them.

Getting a team to work together off the pitch is a great way to improve how they work as a team during the game. We worked on various communication activities, where vocal communication wasn’t allowed! This helps to make people look at each other and feed from other forms of communication to enable them to understand each other.

Trust is another big part of any team, and when your playing a contact sport like rugby you want to be able to trust in your fellow team members that they have your back when that huge winger from the other team is barreling towards you.  We can help teams build trust through all of our activities, and in the simplest of ways by teaching them to ‘spot’ for each other.  Knowing that someone is watching out for you while you are taking part in an activity and are there to protect you from falling is huge.  We teach all of our clients the importance of correct spotting at the beginning of each day as it ensures a safe environment for everyone to fully enjoy the day.

With any group of people when you take them away from their normal surroundings, it instills a level playing field for everyone. For their time on the course there is no ‘boss’ or ‘team captain’.  People get to see each other in a different light and see what other skills each of them have.  It’s an inspiring moment when somebody gets to shine in an area which they are not normally associated with.  We like to give everyone the opportunity to ‘lead’ the team in an activity.  Building respect for each other is another important factor that we like to include throughout the day – Respecting each others abilities as well as being respectful of people’s inabilities.

The Spalding Rugby team is just one of many teams that we have worked with on the UEI Ropes Challenge Course and many come back to us year after year, as team’s change and develop. 

In this photo the team had to exchange places on the raised poles, without talking.  Not as simple as it sounds.