Winkler Botanical Vs. Go Ape! What are they thinking?

So the question is which of these two scenarios is the craziest?

Winkler Botanical Preserve is located in Northern Virginia and sits in the shadow of the Interstate 395 in Alexandria. It has a few acres of prime land with a beautiful ropes course and a stone and timber visitor center. The preserve is managed by a private, non – profit organization with the mission to provide free environmental education for the students of Alexandria City public schools. This land is in jeopardy because VDOT is looking to direct traffic directly off I 395 and several of the proposals run the ramp right through Winkler to accommodate this.

On the other end of the spectrum is the approval by the Montgomery County Planning Board for Go Ape!, a for-profit enterprise based in the UK, to take over 6 acres of land and trees in Rock Creek Park at Lake Needwood. Go Ape! are being allowed to build a high wire forest adventure on Regional County Park land and reap the rewards. It goes even further to allow the potential clients to use the facilities (parking and rest rooms) already there for their own convenience.

Do you have opinion about either of these scenarios?
Is it right that a non-profit ropes course, for the benefit of the community be threatened whereas not 40 miles away a for- profit organizations is being allowed to take over public land?

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