Mexican Zip Line Experience!

Even when it comes to vacations, we always seem to find ourselves near a zip line! This year we vacationed down on the Mexican Mayan Riviera and had a wonderful time taking in the sights and sounds.

During our stay we visited two adventure parks that offered amazing zip line experiences and we wanted to check them out and see how they do things in Mexico. The first place we went to was Holkan Kingdom where they had built a series of wooden towers, 12 in all with 8 zip lines, 2 suspension bridges and one monkey walk joining the towers. The longest zip line was 800 feet long across the lagoon. Check them out and see what other great activities they do!

Some of the zip lines you zipped over the lagoon below and others over the tree tops of the Mexican jungle!. It was all great fun and gave us some ideas of what to add to our own ropes course back in Maryland, Upward Enterprises Team Building.

The second visit was to the Xplor Park which boasted 15 giant towers built of concrete and stone that were linked with 12 zip lines, two suspension bridges and one very long water chute! Two of the zip line landings were into water which was a new experience for us. The longest zip line was an amazing 1800 feet from a tower that stood 120 feet high above the jungle.

We had a blast at both of these parks and were really amazed at the set up and running of both, especially at Xplor. All of the staff was professional, friendly and there to make sure you got the best experience possible.

All in all, we loved everything about our trip and can’t wait to head south again for some more adventure!