The Holiday Party Is the Perfect Time For Team Building

Holiday party team building


It doesn’t matter what holiday you’re celebrating, almost every business has some type of celebration near the end of the year. Whether you’re sending everyone to a restaurant or just a small party at the office, it’s the perfect time to do a few team building activities.

Small Party Games

If your party is in the office, then you have the opportunity to really go all out on team building activities. You don’t need to spend lots of money for teambuilding games. There are many fun games that use common everyday items from chairs, rope and more. These are all inexpensive and can be reused year after year. Small in-office parties are a great time to not only do team building games, but ice breakers and other activities to encourage social interaction and bonding with team members.

Out of Office Parties

If you’re taking the party out of the office, then consider a place like Upward Enterprises where you can spend the day having an amazing time doing team building activities and a fine meal as well. If you go to another venue such as a restaurant, you are somewhat limited to what you can do, but it doesn’t eliminate your team building activities. There are many that can be done with no props. The best option is to rent an area of a restaurant that is isolated from the general public, so you can have privacy for your party and activities.

Be Wary of Alcohol and Holiday Parties

The alcohol fueled holiday party has become almost a cliché through the years. The tales of outrageous behavior associated with the out of control holiday party is the stuff of legend, but it can have a major impact on your team building activities. If you have alcohol at the party, make sure everyone drinks in moderation either by limiting the drinks or limiting how long alcohol is available. Also, make sure everyone stays safe and gets a ride home. Never let employees drink after drinking at your holiday party.