Keep Your Employees Engaged Through Maryland Team Building

Maryland Ropes CourseYour team needs to work like a well-oiled machine and one of the best ways to learn compatibility is through regular engagement with Maryland team building and other activities throughout the year. They say that idle hands are the devil’s plaything, so make sure you acknowledge the efforts of your team when they go above and beyond.

Team Building Activities

When the team has worked nonstop and finished a difficult project on deadline or worked to finish something unexpected, and then reward them with a fun day of team building. They can work together to traverse our ropes course or one of the many other activities that are designed to bring your team together and engage them. Team building activities engage your employees outside of a work setting and give them a chance to learn more about each other.

Acknowledge Their Accomplishments

Too many employers push their teams to the brink. When one project is over, the next one starts. There’s no break or acknowledgement that you appreciate their efforts. It doesn’t have to be a bonus or anything special, just tell the group how proud of them you are. Public acknowledgement not only in front of the team, but also the entire office keeps team morale up and might spur on slower workers to do better. Your team works hard and deserves recognition when appropriate.

Provide a Team Lunch

Many teams take lunch at separate times to make sure there are always one or two people on hand. When multiple people do take lunch at the same time, then may not eat together. By providing the occasional team lunch, you’re allowing them to act themselves and share information. It may still be a work setting or at a restaurant, but the key is keeping the team engaged together. You can do a team lunch every month or every quarter, just to keep that engagement going. It’s something they’ll look forward too.

Give Out Creative Projects

Every team has a core project they’re working on, but you can pepper in small creative and innovative projects that are a bit more fun. If you have team members with some unique ideas they want to try out or a team member is showing a lot of promise and you want to try that person as a team leader, then give them a small project to head up. These small projects keep them engaged when they hit a brick wall with the main project or just need to get their minds away from it.

If you try these activities to create engagement, then your team will be better off for it. Upward Enterprises has a wide variety of team building activities including Maryland ropes courses. Contact us today for your next team adventure.