Using the Playground as an Adventure Classroom

Beauvoir Elementary School in Washington, DC is getting attention for its unique approach to experiential learning. They have designed a playground for children that is built into a hillside at the school that doesn’t include your standard playground equipment. Kids can scramble over rocks, climb rope cargo nets and splash in the man-made creek that is supplied with rain water.

Looks like a lot of fun! It’s refreshing to see kids exploring their environment and using their imagination to play.

This sure sounds like a great Washington D.C. team building activity. It’s wonderful when the education system is able to take the principals of experiential learning and incorporate it into their curriculum. Team building in Maryland and other states is always best when started early. The younger children learn to work in teams and enjoy the outdoors, the better off they will be as adults.

Whether it’s portable rock wall in Maryland or an entire ropes course, they are great ways to teach kids how to work together to solve a problem. It’s not only great education, but fun as well.

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