Holistic Woman Retreat at Upward Enterprises Ropes Course

Being Brave…Ready, Set, Go! ~ by Carol deLaski

Harnessed by strong cables, I found myself in an unusual position  high in the trees… facing upwards and glimpsing patches of blue sky.  A team of eight women had pulled me into this position and awaited  my decision to release the cord which would drop me into a free-fall  swing through the tree tops. Butterflies swirled in my stomach and  my breathing grew rapid as I allowed myself to fully experience this  strange suspension in the air. Time felt suspended, too, as I savored  this momentary mixture of calm and electrifying anticipation.

Encouragement from the women below wafted up to my ears and I  knew I had the full support of my team. “You can do it!” and “Go for  it!” let me know that they believed in me.

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