Team Building Should be Every Day, Not Just a Once a Year Event

Most of the groups that come out to our ropes course for team building, we only see once a year. As great as we are of facilitating a team building event, I always encourage our groups to come out for a series of events. Why? Because team building should not be once a year event. You have a group that needs to function as a team every day and that needs constant attention. Coaches, bosses or group leaders need to foster open communication, diffuse conflicts amongst group members and encourage the group to rely on each others strengths to help the group accomplish its goals.

Most clients that leave our course are energized by the end of the day but that energy might fade without re-enforcement. I’d encourage monthly meetings to keep the bond and energy going that was created on the ropes course. Those meeting can be any thing from a catered lunch around a conference table to keep the lines of communication open to coming out to our ropes course quarterly for a few hours just to have fun and ride our zip line canopy tour. At Upward Enterprises we offer SDI evaluations and portable desktop events at your location. Keep your team strong, successful and cohesive with regular team bonding events.