Canopy Tour and Team Building

New Upward Enterprises
Canopy Tour

Having just built our canopy tour to compliment the ropes challenge course already in the ground we have found that the team building aspect is still as strong as ever. We first thought that our clients would be drawn to the cables and ropes that bridge each tree throughout the tour from platform to platform as an adventure and for individuals challenges only. That was not the case. The groups that we have already put through the tour have found that there is huge amount of team work involved to complete the extensive run through the trees. The Gymnastics rings located at the far end and optional as an activity have again proved to be the most challenging and not for everyone. The zip lines are as always a favorite and a nice way to transfer from one area to the other and back again. For us it was pretty much what we thought and expected but our clients were pleasantly surprised by the level of challenge and amount of trust and support required to complete the course. Now it is your turn to come and check it out. Call us today (301) 834 6140

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