Coming to the end of a busy year, but its not over yet!

2009 has been a good year for us at Upward Enterprises and we are grateful to all our clients, new and returning for their support. At the the start of the year we were anxious as to what kind of year to expect with the economic downturn around the US and rest of the world.

It seems that Team Building is one of those things that is important and even more so in times like this when teams are changing, some decreasing in size and changing priorities. New teams are always being developed in the workplace, for new projects and ventures and for social and sporting themes.

So as 2009 approaches its final quarter we are still going strong and are enjoying having new clients come out to our Ropes Course facility and for as long as the weather is good and the clients are willing, we will continue to provide a rewarding experience for all on the course.

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