Training for the Future – Update

As I wrote earlier, I recently returned from a ropes course rescue training class where my skills were tested and put on the line. As a ropes course owner and operator, I always try to keep things up-to-date and current and practice what I preach on my course. With 35 years of experience, you would think that was enough not to get nervous.

Well sometimes it is good to put the boot on the other foot and see what the guides go through when we ask them to perform as we do during test scenarios. And it is not only the guides that we put into these circumstances of being uncomfortable. Indeed we do it all the time to our customers and clients. When is the last time you pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone? If you are like me it was some time ago. Our industry association, namely the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), only recommends that we attend further training and assessment courses. We know that the only place to learn is outside of your comfort zone. That’s why it feels uncomfortable but that’s where we learn the most. I did feel nervous but I guess that is only natural. Maybe challenge made me perform better. It definately kept me on the balls of my feet. I have been waiting patiently for the results of my testing on the training. Good news!!!! I passed the tests with flying colors.

We are good to go and I have already passed that learning on to my guys. Learning is fun whether is it for the first time or repeated. If the students know their stuff it will show. Confidence only comes with practice of a skill and complacency can creep in through the smallest cracks.

I urge everyone in our industry to maintain high standards of training and allow plenty of time to practice. Not because we have to, but also because it is a fun way to test and push ourselves.

We now offer that training at Upward Enterprises to other facilitators, managers and owners in the area to test their knowledge and have the benefit of expanding that comfort zone.

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