training training training

I have just gotten back from a 5 day high ropes course training in New England. I have been holding back from these trainings and tests because of the “Do I need this or not?” syndrome.

In the end I decided to sign up. I am glad I did the training simply to convince myself that I am on the right track and to consolidate the things I am teaching my staff and protocols that I insist they apply.

High ropes course rescues are a key skill that we hope we never have to perform. However they are essential to practice and by doing so you increase your familiarity that could make the difference during the real thing if it were to occur.

We think we know best sometimes and are somewhat complacent when it comes to reacting to adversity. How would you react in an emergency high ropes rescue? Do you set up for the worst case scenario? Are your staff competant in their skill set? Or even, do your clients ask the pertinent questions about the level of credentials that you hold as a ropes course manager and operator?