Success at evening retreat

As the President of Upward Enterprises Inc I was asked to speak at a recent retreat and I decided to work on a presentation of paperwork activities that could be delivered to 50 or so adults while in a small closed room. Most of the participants were seated and moving around was not an option due to lack of room and some disabilities. The paperwork activities are not something we do everyday at UEI but with the experience we have and the adaptability of our team building programs we pulled off a remarkably successful evening. We have had comments and feedback from the group that was transferred in to the following days ropes course activities that make being involved in this industry worth while.

On a different note, we at Upward Enterprises Inc. reacted to some feedback from our staff, about the management of the zip lines that we operate. One observation last year was the ability to adjust the lanyard that we use for the tether to the right length for clients that were a little on the heavy side. We were using the Omni slings that you could clip into wherever you thought it would work but that was still a bit of a guessing game. We researched and came up with an adjustable prussic on a multi line lanyard that is calibrated to a certain weight. We are intending to test this and I will let you all know the results.