Team Building

The Holiday Party Is the Perfect Time For Team Building

By Upward Enterprises / December 18, 2017 /

It doesn’t matter what holiday you’re celebrating, almost every business has some type of celebration near the end of the year. Whether you’re sending everyone to a restaurant or just a small party at the office, it’s the perfect time to do a few team building activities. Small Party Games If your party is in…

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Meet the Upward Enterprises Staff – Travis Creamer

By Upward Enterprises / August 15, 2017 /

I started my career as a challenge course facilitator in 1991 working at a camp. In November of that same year, I enlisted into the US Army Reserve and was trained as a 91B10 Combat Medic. After leaving the Army, I worked for Inner Quest leading adventure programs, trips and eventually building ropes courses. During…

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One Small Thing Creating a Group of People

By Upward Enterprises / December 20, 2016 /

An inspirational story of how one young man in a city with little opportunity, found his joy through throwing a yo-yo and is now creating a team. Check it out.

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More Harmony

By Upward Enterprises / November 8, 2016 /

In October of this year, we moved our office to Harmony Road in Myersville Maryland. You can find our new mailing address on the Contact Us page. Our ropes course at the Claggett Center where we hold all of our team building events is in the same place as always. Harmony… its something our world…

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Music and Team Building

By Upward Enterprises / August 30, 2016 /

Everyday at work, I usually turn on music. Usually the music volume is kept low. It plays in the background like in an elevator or at a Maryland grocery store. My criteria for picking out a playlist at work is to find happy music. Music that’s infectious that keeps a smile on the face and the…

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