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A Good Day of Team Building

By Upward Enterprises / August 18, 2015 /

In July, Worx Graphic Design came out to our challenge ropes course for some Maryland team building. Afterwards they sent us this incredibly kind thank you card. Truly it goes both ways. When a group comes to our course, whether adults or kids, and they take in what we teach it’s always gratifying to know…

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Smokey Glen Farm Zip Line at the Grove Picnic Site Open

By Upward Enterprises / June 2, 2015 /

Just uploaded a new video highlighting our zip line Upward Enterprises just built at Smokey Glen Farm. This zip line is located at the Grove picnic site. This video was taken at its grand opening event in May. What is unique about this zip line is it is designed with a return so riders circle back to where they started. On…

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Moral Thought Experiment

By Upward Enterprises / April 14, 2015 /

At the ropes course we often use the moral debate game we call “Cave Rescue” to generate discussion and opinion. We unearth what each individual in the team building group values in others. Why does one person stand up for another who is in peril versus letting another person, who they deem not as valuable,…

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Introducing the new Zip Line at the Grove at Smokey Glen Farms

By Upward Enterprises / April 7, 2015 /

Due to the increased popularity of our zip line at the Pavilions, Upward Enterprises has expanded our service to add a new zip line with return at the Grove picnic facility at Smokey Glen Farms in Gaithersburg, MD. The new Grove zip line is open for private events booked through Smokey Glen. We will be…

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Ice Climbing at Cunningham Falls State Park with Mark Hardie

By Upward Enterprises / March 24, 2015 /

Recently, Mark Hardie, the former owner of Upward Enterprises was recently featured by the Frederick News Post while ice climbing in Cunningham Falls State Park. Mark was the original founder of Upward Enterprises before selling the business to Clive Felgate. He is a great mentor and friend to UEI. Mark now owns Daybreak Excursions. If you…

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