Strength Deployment Inventory

Successful Teams Communicate

By Upward Enterprises / May 15, 2012 /

I just finished reading an interesting article on successful teams posted on the Harvard Business Review website. It seems logical that high-performing teams have a greater degree of communication amongst team members. But what type of communication produces the best results? Face-to-face time with group members, even for a brief time, is critical for employee performance and moral.…

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New Personal Development and Assessment Tool for 2012

By Upward Enterprises / January 24, 2012 /

Looking for a training course for your group that improves communications, reduces conflict and builds strong leadership skills? After nearly 10 years since my first introduction to the Strength Deployment Inventory®, we at Upward Enterprises are excited about about the introduction of this valuable tool for team building processing to our curriculum. SDI is a self assessment…

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