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Inflatable Cube to Climb in

By Upward Enterprises / March 11, 2014 /

Here at Upward Enterprises, we encourage our clients to climb. At the ropes course, we have elements such as the Static Tower and Climbing Wall as part of our team building course. On portable team events like at Smokey Glen Farm, we have a climbing wall for rent. Check out this interesting massive cube inflatable…

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What are you Thankful for this Holiday Season?

By Upward Enterprises / November 26, 2013 /

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, it’s that time of year to reflect with gratitude on all the wonderful things this year has brought. Let us know what you are most thankful for this holiday season. Here are just a few of the things we are grateful for here at Upward Enterprises. The love…

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Be the “The Man in the Arena”

By Upward Enterprises / November 5, 2013 /

Frequently we have groups out at the ropes course where a few participants stand off to the side who need encouragement to join in.  Today I wanted to share an inspiration quote to all of those individuals to give them confidence that there is great learning in pushing yourself to dare greatly. It is not the critic who counts: not…

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Have you ever yawned because you saw someone else do it?

By Upward Enterprises / October 22, 2013 /

Your friend yawns, you can’t stop yourself from yawing back. This physical trigger to mirror what someone in your group is doing also applies with attitudes. All teams have vibes that are just as contagious as a yawn. Next time you find yourself in a group situation, pay attention to the to the attitudes of those…

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Jack Rides the Zip Line at Upward Enterprises Ropes Course

By Upward Enterprises / July 30, 2013 /

Jack, my nephew is visiting us for the summer. I took him out to my ropes course last week to ride the zip line. It was a beautiful day and as you can see by this video below, we had a blast. Now its your turn to get your group out and enjoy the ride.

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