overcoming fear

Is zip lining a safe activity?

By Upward Enterprises / June 5, 2012 /

Is flying safe? If you select your zip line operator with the same confidence as your airline operator then the risk you take should be minimal. The zip line industry has been hit hard in the last few months with some bad press involving zip operators who function outside industry practices with little or no standards.…

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Upward Enterprises Volunteers at the National Kidney Foundations Over the Edge event.

By Upward Enterprises / June 20, 2011 /

Its always nice when we can use our experience in the ropes course industry to help with a charitable cause.  We were contacted by the National Kidney Foundation who ask if we could help with their ‘Over the Edge’ event on June 18th.  The Over the Edge event, held at the Canton Crossing Tower in Baltimore,…

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training training training

By Upward Enterprises / May 12, 2009 /

I have just gotten back from a 5 day high ropes course training in New England. I have been holding back from these trainings and tests because of the “Do I need this or not?” syndrome. In the end I decided to sign up. I am glad I did the training simply to convince myself…

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