Why Everyone Should Experience the Strength Deployment Inventory

By Upward Enterprises / December 11, 2012 /

As the leader of team building adventure programs in the Washington DC metro area, UEI is pleased to introduce our latest tool that can be incorporated into your team development programs, Strength Deployment Inventory® (SDI) . The SDI empowers people in their relationships at work getting individuals to understand how and why people react the way they do in different circumstances. So…

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A Little Bit of Team Building, Science and Engineering

By Upward Enterprises / November 27, 2012 /

This advertisement for Coke has all the elements of a great team building exercise. What amazing fun! I see that same sense of excitement and accomplishment in the eyes of the people at our ropes course.

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Where do kids get inspiration from these days?

By Upward Enterprises / November 20, 2012 /

I watched Felix Baumgartner parachute to the earth from inner space the other day and wondered if the youth of today would be inspired by this huge feat of adventure. 24 miles above the earth’s surface wearing a space suit. Truly inspirational! It got me to thinking about where the youth of today really do get…

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Is There an “I” in Team?

By Upward Enterprises / September 14, 2012 /

A new book came out this July entitled, “There Is an I in Team: What Elite Athletes and Coaches Really Know About High Performance.” Written by Mark de Rond, a Professor at the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School, this book explores the opposite of the oft heard saying “there’s no I in team” which is defined as individual…

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High School Teen Mentors Benefit from Day of Team Building

By Upward Enterprises / August 28, 2012 /

I was happy to welcome a group of 12 students from St John’s Catholic Prep of Frederick Marylandwho were being prepared as mentors to incoming freshmen this semester. Their teachers and counselors had set goals for the day and the students, I am sure, had some goals of their own. Even though the school is…

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