Being Together, Without Being Together

By Upward Enterprises / June 4, 2013 /

Communication is a key element we teach on our ropes course. Face to face interaction is dwindling as we filter our communication through technology. Team building requires us to put down the cell phones and talk to one another, to think, and share ideas face to face to solve problems. The greatest chance of success in…

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Extreme Teamwork

By Upward Enterprises / April 30, 2013 /

This 25-person drum corps from Switzerland is an amazing example of extreme teamwork. Take a look at this performance. It’s a great example of what a group of humans can accomplish as a dedicated team. While we don’t use drums on our ropes course, we do work on group dynamics to get your team working in…

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Never be Afraid to try Something New at the Ropes Course

By Upward Enterprises / April 23, 2013 /

What an inspirational story of a man who was born without legs and arms. Yet despite this, nothing stops him from living life to the fullest. Take a page from his book next time you are at our ropes course in Buckeystown Maryland and you feel the butterflies in your stomach. Don’t be scared. Just…

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Team Building Should be Every Day, Not Just a Once a Year Event

By Upward Enterprises / April 9, 2013 /

Most of the groups that come out to our ropes course for team building, we only see once a year. As great as we are of facilitating a team building event, I always encourage our groups to come out for a series of events. Why? Because team building should not be once a year event.…

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NCAA Tournament Madness or Team Building Opportunity?

By Upward Enterprises / March 19, 2013 /

Even if you aren’t a basketball fan, most people have heard of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament otherwise know as “March Madness”. 45% of Americans plan on watching some of the tournament and/or participating in an group pool to pick the winner. This is done by visiting sites such as, where you can print…

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