canopy tour

Leaf Peeping Ziplining Through the Trees

By Upward Enterprises / October 23, 2012 /

What a beautiful fall day out on the Upward Enterprises team building ropes course. The leaves are a golden shade of yellow and burnt red. We wish we could have everyone come out and share with us the amazing colors. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has a wonderful website giving you a guide to…

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What a zip line and high ropes adventure can teach you

By Upward Enterprises / August 7, 2012 /

Thanks Kimbra for writing such a great article on your visit to our Upward Enterprises ropes course that appeared in the June 2012 issue of Chesapeake Taste. Hope to see everyone come out and experience the same. On nearly the last zip line day, the one that ended with a high-speed collision into a cargo…

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Work out for the Marine Veterans

By Upward Enterprises / June 26, 2012 /

I took a call the other day from a Marine Sargent who was looking to celebrate one of his colleagues’ birthday and return from Afghanistan with something a little different. They chose team building at Upward Enterprises and I agreed to take this small group of America’s finest on my challenge course.  I guess there…

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Jerry Seinfeld vs Jay Leno zip line in New York

By Upward Enterprises / February 15, 2012 /

I watched with eager anticipation the advert during the Super Bowl for the Acura NSX.The zip line feature full access package offered by Jerry Seinfeld nearly did the trick until Jay Leno turned up with that flying suit. Ah well, I don’t have a flying suit to offer but I do have zip lines that…

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An Exciting New Year Ahead!

By Upward Enterprises / February 10, 2011 /

Here we are in the second month of 2011 already. Before we know it, it will be the summer and instead of freezing like today it will be 100’….oh we can’t wait. Well until it’s time to get out the shorts and sunscreen, there’s still lots of fun to be had at the ropes course…

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