Team Building Through Cooperation, Competition

By Upward Enterprises / May 29, 2018 /

Team building is more than just your employees working together. It’s about working together at maximum efficiency for the team and the company. The best ways to grow and nurture a team is through cooperation and competition. The competition isn’t against other team members, but other people whether it is in a race or other…

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Five Ways To Improve Your New Team

By Upward Enterprises / March 22, 2018 /

It?s not easy to be the leader of a newly formed team. It doesn?t matter if some of them have worked together before or even if you know them all personally, getting a brand new team firing on all cylinders can be difficult or feel nearly impossible. If you embrace these techniques, then your team…

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Upward Enterprises Teams up with Frederick County Parks and Recreation

By Upward Enterprises / February 20, 2018 /

Are you a resident of Frederick County Maryland? If you are, you probably receive “The Recreater” activity guide. New for 2018, Upward Enterprises is teaming up with the Frederick County Maryland Parks and Recreation Department to bring our educational programs to everyone in the county. We have put together two very exciting programs. Games and Initiatives…

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What’s Your Return On Investment For Maryland Team Building?

By Upward Enterprises / January 15, 2018 /

There are many people who don’t understand the importance of team building or the need to spend company funds on the endeavor. It’s difficult to attribute return on investment on Maryland team building excursions be they on-site or at your place of business. The problem is while there are definite concrete costs to team building,…

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The Holiday Party Is the Perfect Time For Team Building

By Upward Enterprises / December 18, 2017 /

It doesn’t matter what holiday you’re celebrating, almost every business has some type of celebration near the end of the year. Whether you’re sending everyone to a restaurant or just a small party at the office, it’s the perfect time to do a few team building activities. Small Party Games If your party is in…

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