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Changing Roles of Individuals in a Team

By Upward Enterprises / May 29, 2018 /

Recently a concerned parent who is also a youth softball coach called Upward Enterprises for team building advise. The girl’s team had lost yet another tournament. The team members were fighting among each other. The coach was at a lost asking for help to get the team back on track. We had an interesting conversation about…

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Upward Enterprises Teams up with Frederick County Parks and Recreation

By Upward Enterprises / February 20, 2018 /

Are you a resident of Frederick County Maryland? If you are, you probably receive “The Recreater” activity guide. New for 2018, Upward Enterprises is teaming up with the Frederick County Maryland Parks and Recreation Department to bring our educational programs to everyone in the county. We have put together two very exciting programs. Games and Initiatives…

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Be the “The Man in the Arena”

By Upward Enterprises / November 5, 2013 /

Frequently we have groups out at the ropes course where a few participants stand off to the side who need encouragement to join in.  Today I wanted to share an inspiration quote to all of those individuals to give them confidence that there is great learning in pushing yourself to dare greatly. It is not the critic who counts: not…

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Have you ever yawned because you saw someone else do it?

By Upward Enterprises / October 22, 2013 /

Your friend yawns, you can’t stop yourself from yawing back. This physical trigger to mirror what someone in your group is doing also applies with attitudes. All teams have vibes that are just as contagious as a yawn. Next time you find yourself in a group situation, pay attention to the to the attitudes of those…

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This is not an Example of “Team Building”

By Upward Enterprises / October 1, 2013 /

If you follow college football, you might have seen this story published by the Daily Hampshire Gazette regarding the football program at the University of Massachusetts. A video was posted showing what head coach Charley Molnar describes as a “team-building” exercise that instills “mental toughness.”  This is what Molnar was reported to say to the Gazette, “We tried to get these…

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