Change Up Your Teambuilding Routine

When many people think of team building activities, they envision games and activities in an office. These methods can be done, but for many employees, it’s a “been there, done that” attitude. If your team building techniques haven’t changed through the years, then consider a few fun and alternative methods of team building in Maryland and surrounding states.

They’re new, fun, exciting and something your team will look forward too instead of dread. Team building only works if the team wants to come together.

Ropes Courses Are Fun for Teambuilding

Physical activity can be a wonderful release from the workday. They spend most days sitting in a desk on a computer, but they can stretch their legs coming to a ropes course. Upward Enterprises is a leader in team building in Maryland and surrounding areas.

A ropes course is challenging not only a physical but also a mental level. Team members have to work together to solve problems and advance. Unlike standard team-building games, a ropes course has a physical component and teaches people about trust and communication.

Locked in an Escape Room

One of the newest methods of team building is through the use of an Escape Room. With these exercises, a small group of people are “locked” inside a room.

The goal is to work together to solve puzzles and unlock the door. The puzzles can be mental or physical. The most basic involves just the puzzles, but more advanced escape rooms have a narrative and in-depth story that has clues that you can use to solve the puzzles.

Team members have a set amount of time to work together and communicate effectively to solve the puzzles. If they don’t, then they’re let out of the room at the end of the time limit, but it was still a fun and educational activity.

Teambuilding Games Can Still Be Entertaining

One of the biggest reasons why people dread the yearly team-building exercises at a business is it’s the same old thing over and over again. There are hundreds of different games that people can choose from and use in their team-building exercises.

You don’t have to use the same ones. Instead, change it up from year to year. If one is very popular, use it for a few years before changing it out. The goal of team building is to encourage communication and working together in a fun way.

Upward Enterprises have a wide variety of methods of teambuilding, so contact us today to find out more.

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