Maryland Teambuilding Begins At Upward Enterprises

Climbing Tower

Businesses throughout Maryland and surrounding states have come to Upward Enterprises for years to bring their team members closer together. We’re an area staple for not only businesses but schools and private parties looking to have fun.

A business shouldn’t discount the importance of a cohesive team. It could mean the difference between an effective and efficient team and profit loss because of mistakes or turmoil among team members. Learn why Upward Enterprises is a respected leader for teambuilding in Maryland.

Enjoy Teambuilding on the Ropes Course

Do you have a new team that doesn’t know each other well or an older team that’s drifted apart? It’s not easy to bring a group of people together under a common banner. They know they have to work together. They know they have to meet deadlines and finish projects. Successful teams go beyond simply business and our ropes course helps teach that.

Your group can fly through the sky on our zipline or traverse obstacle courses. Everything is designed to build team trust and challenge them physically and mentally.

Bring Teambuilding to You

You don’t need a massive facility like ours to teach your employees to work better together.  We have a number of portable courses and games that we can bring to your facility. We can also use your conference rooms and other areas to do various team building exercises.

We understand that some businesses can’t come to our facility, but that doesn’t mean we can’t come to you. Your team is important and anything we can to do bring together and make them more efficient is worth it.

Each Group is Expertly Guided

Our employees are experts in working with corporate teams of all types. We know that each employee is different with different moods, hobbies, and methods of working. We can teach them how to work with people that think differently and grow their self-esteem.

They get to know each other in ways that could never happen during the normal workday. Our programs are filled with laughs and a few tears as we challenge them to overcome their fears and work together for success.

If you want to learn more about our various team building activities in Maryland, then please contact us today.

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